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Fall Decorating Ideas Using Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns

Here are some “fall-tastic” decorating ideas we hope will spark your creativity.  The pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns we used in our photographs are faux, but all of these arrangements will work for real ones, too.

As you will see, we love finding different ways to use candle holders, vases, lighted stems and other everyday items. Use a candle holder to display a pumpkin or turn a vase upside down to use as a stand for a lantern. Here are some more ideas for you to try…

This arrangement has it all; eye popping color, dimensional strength and a touch of whimsical charm. First fill a vase with different layers of botanicals. (You could use acorns and pinecones collected from the backyard or different colored beans and pasta from the kitchen too). Next, set a plate over the top of the vase as a holder for the accent ring and pumpkin. Next, set the vase in a larger coordinating accent ring. Finally, finish the look by attaching a ceramic bird and decorative moss to the top of the pumpkin.
This is like a cornucopia of style! Fill your favorite basket with different sized pumpkins. Here they are  from the same collection but mix and match sizes, colors and shapes. Lay some of the pumpkins on their side to add a designers’ touch. If more color is needed, arrange some foliage around the basket’s base.
Looking for quick and easy centerpiece. Set any pumpkin inside a seasonal accent ring and your work is complete.

Three’s a charm! Here two different sized pumpkins create a grouping with a fall flower arrangement. Creating a grouping is an ideal way to fill an empty spot on a table or mantle.
Here is an example of using a pillar holder for a seasonal accent instead of a candle. A gorgeous berry wreath and a smaller berry ring provide a colorful landscape for the ceramic pieces. A glittered bird clip perches aside adding festive touch.
Jack-O-Lanterns are Halloween favorites and can be “dressed up” for the occasion. Here a black ceramic lantern is teamed with an elegant glass candle holder topped off with a battery operated candle. An accent ring complete with a glittered spider completes this “boo-tiful” duo.
This happy group look like they have some tricks to go around this Halloween. They look right at home setting on top of pillar holders.
Create height by putting more than one pumpkin and/or lantern on top of another. Here a luminary becomes the “holder” for an accent ring and pumpkin. After Halloween, remove the luminary, replace it with another stand (use an upside down vase, or pillar holder) or set it flat on the table so you can enjoy the other pieces for the remainder of fall.
Eerie and decorative at the same time. Here a wired battery operated branch seems to grow out of this jack-o-lantern’s stem. An accent ring adds seasonal color to this Halloween treat.
Pillar holders are the perfect platform for displaying pumpkins and jack-o -lanterns. This cheerful design is easy to create with two matching accent rings and wicker balls (the wicker balls are attached to the ring with floral wire). When Halloween is over replace the jack-o-lantern with a pumpkin and continue to enjoy throughout fall.

Candle lanterns are perfect for showcasing seasonal accents like this glass jack-o-lantern. A t-lite candle inside will add a spooky glow. After the Halloween celebration is over, replace the jack-o-lantern with a candle or other seasonal accent for Thanksgiving, then Christmas.
Glass pillar vases will become your “go to” for everyday and seasonal decorating. Here the bottom of each glass vase is filled with Dew Drops, one has orange and one has clear. Then ceramic ghords set on the top to create a colorful arrangement.
This leafy garland creates a decorative spot for our friendly jack-o-lantern to greet his guests. Candles with accent rings nearby are his perfect partners.



















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Decorating Tips Using Lighted Branches and Floral Stems

Once you start decorating with lighted stems and branches you’ll wonder how you ever decorated a room without them. Lighted stems are available in all shapes, sizes, heights, colors and designs so there are plenty on the market to please any taste. Yes, they add drama to special celebrations like weddings, showers and parties, but they are also are perfect for adding a touch of magical light to everyday decor.

Some suppliers carry both battery and electric powered styles so you can choose what is best for you. There is even an adaptor that will turn your battery operated stems into electric powered stems. Sometimes an electrical outlet is nearby, sometimes one is not. That is when this patent pending device comes in handy. It is called “Switch It” and instead of putting batteries into the battery pack, you replace them with the “Switch It” battery look a likes that allow you to power your stems by plugging them into an outlet. Then when you move the stems to a place without outlets, you switch back to batteries. Really cool!

You can find a great assortment of lighted stems and the “Switch it” adaptor online at the Oddity Store,

Here are some ideas to “light up” your interest in lighted stems. Whether you simply drop one into a simple vase, wrap one around your favorite wreath or include them into a flower arrangement, these beauties have a place in every room in your home.

Brighten up an empty corner by dropping a lighted branch or two into a container of your choice. Here an old rusty bucket filled with faux pussy willows twinkles with style when one battery operated branch is added. This look would look great on top of a bureau or table.
Lighted branches add an organic touch to this dresser. Try this look on a buffet, down the center of a dining table or on a mantle.

Love this look! Here a floral lighted stem circles with grace inside a glass cylinder vase with botanicals in the bottom
Here the same lighted floral stem and a mirror are arranged inside a vintage frame creating a new approach to wall art.
Instead of filling a container with lighted flowers, arrange them on  stack of books for a romantic, magical glow.

We hope you enjoy these ideas. Look forward to our next post for more ideas.





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