More Decorating Ideas With Lighted Branches and Floral Stems


Add a romantic glow to flower arrangements for your home, wedding or holiday celebration with lighted branches and floral stems. Last time we shared some inspiring decorating ideas and we are continuing this time with some easy to create arrangements. Not only do lighted florals add great lighting affects at night, they also look lovely during the day. Lighted branches are an unexpected way to create a beautiful, lighting accent in any room in your home making everyday a special occasion. (Hint: Also a great gift idea!)

Some of these ideas are seasonal to get you thinking ahead and planning your holiday decorating, but don’t let the colors and textures of these arrangements prevent you from getting your “decorator thinking cap” on for right now decor.  Local suppliers and online sites like The Oddity Store have a huge selection of lighted stems for everyday and every season too. Check them out at and always refer to our very own 5 Minute Decor videos for additional ideas.


Festive and Fun! Any vase filled with decorative filler like these silver ornaments creates the perfect foundation for glittered lighted stems.  As mentioned above the decorative filler beautifully secures the stems in place. Plus the filler also helps conceal the power cord.
Here an electric powered lighted stem creates a stunning arrangement. A pillar vase is filled with neutral botanicals to conceal the cord and help hold the stem in place. A coordinating bow is tied around the neck of the vase completing the look.
With a little help from a wasp lamp bottle vase and accent rings, our lighted branches raise the bar on seasonal and everyday decorating. Two accent rings from The Oddity Store wrap around this clear vase creating a wonderful landscape of berries that compliment the lighted branch.
Mix and match lighted branches with other faux stems to create a stunning arrangement. Look for wired stems so you can decoratively bend the flowers. Here one red floral lighted stem is complimented by two other faux stems creating a gorgeous look. The best part…it only takes a few minutes to arrange.
Get ready for fall decorating. This clever design starts with a lighted branch, sticks and pinecones we collected from the back yard and some hot glue. First, we glued pine cones to the sticks. Next we filled our vase with cinnamon sticks and smaller pinecones to decoratively conceal the power cord and secure our stems. Look closely and you’ll see we added some pinecones to the opening of the vase, too. Finally, we started arranging! Remember to look for lighted branches that are wired so you can bend them.
Two lighted stems are better than one in this arrangement. This design uses a floral lighted branch and a stick style lighted branch. Again the stylist uses colorful filler to secure the stems and conceal the power cord. Both the lighted stems are wired so they can be weaved between each other and the other faux stems to create this  colorful look.
The essence of your arrangement is instantly enhanced when the glow from a lighted branch is added. Here a lighted stem design inspired by roses is perfect for any occasion anytime of the year. The ceramic vase and coordinating faux grass stems add dimension and style to this look.
This “be-withching” look is another great way to use lighted stems. This wooden silhouette includes a little stand perfect for a lighted branch. Other silhouettes are available online at The Oddity Store. Have a battery operated stem and would rather plug it  into an outlet? Look for the “Switch It” adaptor (item #94570 at The Oddity Store) that allows you to “switch” a battery operated stem into an electric powered one then back to a battery operated one. It’s almost like magic.
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